I just had a great idea for a story about zombies. Because zombies are the best.

I think I might go with it and turn it into a free short story.

After I finish Soul Thief, of course.

That is the problem, there are just too many stories to be written. I know of many people wondering, jaded, if we have run out of ideas. The number of films being remade certainly makes that a viable thought. But then I think of all these new novels that have completely blown me away – The Room, by Emma Donaghue, comes to mind immediately. a concept that is fresh and new. And there have been plenty of movies made with a new slant. And I have a few ideas waiting to be written, that I am reasonably certain haven’t been done before (She said, optimistically).

It is fact that there are a limited number of plot ideas. My English teacher once told me there were only three (I think) Someone travelling somewhere, Someone new coming to town, Something to be overcome. That’s quite scary, (And possibly wrong, I will have to look into it.) but it doesn’t stop us trying to write them all in a thousand new ways.

And please do read Emma Donaghue’s “the Room.” I have not read anything like it, and it is a book that lingers with you, stays in your head. At least they won’t try and make a movie out of it. They can’t, it wouldn’t work.
Bet they will still try.