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From the words of the intriguing and exceptionally inspiring Mr Konrath:

“My questions to my fellow writers, both newbies and published:
What have you done today to further your career?
What will you accomplish by the end of this week?
What are your goals for the end of the month?
On December 31, what will you have accomplished to win this marathon?”

Writing, and the hope of being published, is not an easy goal. It can take years. It can take a lifetime. And how do you define your goals? Do you just want to see something in print? Do you want to become a full time writer? Do you want to retire and move somewhere really, really warm and never work again?

For me – I want to write about zombies and dragons and talking cats. And, hopefully, make enough to set aside as a pension. It would also be really, really nice to have someone, a stranger, tell me they love my work. Wow, that must be a good feeling.

My countdown is still countdowning. I have a slight suspicion I will be held up a little in the release – I think the cover artist is going to need more time, but we will see.

1.I try and have an answer to question no 1 every single day – even if it is just making a connection on the internet, finding an interesting page or reading a good book, anything that increases awareness and knowledge can only be a good thing.

2. By the end of this week, I want my final draft finished (eep) and copies out to beta readers.

3. By the end of the month, (Feb, seeing as we are so close), I want to be pretty much ready to rock and roll with SOUL THIEF.

4. December 31 – I want to have two books in BLACK CATS available, and to have published a short story, all through self-publishing. Then it will be time to get the next one ready.

It never ends, and that is what is so exciting.