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New header!

It is temporary, I assure you. I decided I needed a little teaser picture and knocked this together very quickly last night. It is very, very rough and relying on my drawing skills using a mouse (which are non-existent) and smashing together bits of various photos.  I will be turning this into a proper painting, once I have finished this draft. (three chapters and a small re-write to go).

There is nothing nicer than a pretty website. I think, in this day and age, a website is an absolute must for anyone trying to make themselves more visible. I know I always click on the sites of people I find interesting when browsing, so I am going to assume that others do the same.
The black Siamese-type cat is Bee, my protagonist.

The slightly fluffy, ginger, sarcastic git is Rufus, the second lead of my story.

Don’t tell anyone, but I like writing for Rufus more than Bee. He’s rude and sarcastic and short-tempered. Plus, I love gingers.