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It’s Monday at 9:00am.

I am not at work.

I decided to take the day off as holiday – I needed it anyway, but now I have no excuses. Ten hours+ to finish this draft. Emphasis on the word, finish.

I’ve not got much to do, just have to rewrite the one section that was bugging me and double check grammar and so on.

One of the biggest things I have learnt in this so far, is that you are never finished, never done. There is always something to change, add, subtract, rewrite, amend and remove. And sometimes it is time to call it a day – to let your work fly free. There comes a point when  changes are not needed and it just becomes an albatross. That’s one of the reasons I decided, soddit – I am just going to put this book out there, whether it is good, bad, or if it is really finished – because it will never be “really finished” and it might not be any good, and it might actually be quite good, but staring at a screen wondering, is not going to answer anything – so just do it.

And I am going to turn the internet off for the next few hours.