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It is finished.

Oh, it is finished.

Finished. Finished. Finished.

Copies are now winging their way to a few lovely people who are going to check it over for me and tell me what they think. This is the hardest part. A couple of these people are friends, and it is definately much harder to share wtih friends than strangers.

Now the book is being shelves for a couple of weeks. Then, with a clear head and hopefully some good feedback, I will do a final edit for grammar and layout, and find any last bits I will inevitably hate, and onto formatting for the Kindle.

What am I doing for the next two weeks? I’m starting on the next one. It is already outlined at 50k, time to fill in the gaps. I must be mad. Or, if I don’t want to write about damn cats anymore, (they haunt my dreams! Seriously, I keep dreaming there is a black cat sitting on the end of my bed. And that scenario will be making it into the horror book I am thinking of writing.) then I have another story to work on, with blessedly human characters.

I am also going to spend the time updating this page, doing a couple of illustrations and, if I am lucky, having a couple of days without any writing, drawing, or worrying.

It is important to treat ones’ self after a period of hard work. I think when I get this baby out on the Kindle, I am going to treat myself to a pet lizard. I used to keep and breed various species, but at present I have not got anything at all in the house (asides from the other half, but he ain’t no reptile). Yes, I think that will do rather nicely.

I want one of these. I don’t think that will be happening, somehow.