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What a catch-22. I enjoy my job, but can’t wait to get home to start writing and chilling. I get home, have some dinner, and then I feel too tired, too uninspired to write or do anything productive – and apparently browsing on facebook doesn’t count as productivity.

It is so essential to make sure that time is set aside for these things. I want to write, but if not careful, a week has gone past when I have said “I will write tomorrow.” and then tomorrow has come and gone and oops! there goes several days of valuable work time. And what have I been doing instead? I can’t remember, which says it all. Probably surfing.

Going to try and set the challenge of coming home, setting the timer (changing out of the work clothes first, and I am sure I deserve a cup of tea too) and working for an hour. Writing. No excuses. Because then each week I will have at least five hours under my belt that I didn’t have last week, and by summer, hopefully another story to tell.

And no looking at reptile websites. That must wait just a leedle bit longer…