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I have just finished the outline of a stand alone high fantasy story, at 15k. I hadn’t been able to write this outline successfully until now, constantly stopping and starting, despite the idea coming to me about six months ago. Then I realised it was because I was making it too complicated. I was trying to make an epic twist, a big surprise, a complicated “reason” behind certain things. Then I realised; it’s high fantasy. It’s fun. It doesn’t need to have a twist, it can just be. So I  wrote an adventure and it has a few big happenings, and it has the characters growing, and they go places and they defeat the bad guys. And that is all it needs to be (I hope.) So that’s great, it is finished, and I will start on the first draft and see where it goes. First draft finished April / May? Shouldn’t take too long, now that the base story is there, although I am also working on book 2 of the Black Cat Chronicles simultaneously.

And it reeeeeally is high fantasy. Slightly unbelievable, but then again, noone needs to explain dragons flying and breathing fire, so I don’t need to explain that in my world, water floats and fish swim through the sky.