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According to my counter, I am looking to release my first book in 11 days.

I am so not ready! At least, it doesn’t feel like I should be ready.

The book itself is done. I am still waiting to hear back from a couple of reviewers.

I have designed the front cover (I think).

I need to actually look at how to get the book on kindle.

I need to set up a webpage (easy enough).

But that’s about it, I think. Other than that, I am done!

That’s rather terrifying.

Sitting on 35k of the new book. Enjoying the flow of this one. However, am expecting an exceptionally busy couple of weeks thanks to my full-time job and I don’t know how that will progress;I come home pretty much ready for bed, look at the screen, and then hide on Facebook. Not particularly productive, but I think that it is good to have a break, there is no point burning out in writing or in the job. Still, knowing that I only have 11 days has certainly put the wind in my sails.