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Sooo… according to my ticker, the big day is here!

I am almost ready. Almost. I have my front cover (awaiting approval from a particular artist).

I have my book all laid out and ready for kindling (I think) – I am just doing a final read through to make sure there are no last minute grammar / spelling mistakes.

I have bought a domain name, but do not have a website as of yet (Dreamweaver used to be easy to use – what happened there?) and this might not happen for a little while. I shall use my wordpress/blogger for now.

All I have to do today is write a blurb for my amazon page, and tidy up a small section of book two, to be inserted at the end of book one.

Then upload. If it works. Which, knowing my luck, it won’t.

It is all rather exciting.

Having hobbies is great. Having one that is as time-consuming and emotionally draining as writing is hard. Beginning to end, it has been very exhausting, but fun – and this is the first part! The really hard work comes now. I must admit, art is easier. The conclusion is quicker, moving on to the next one is easy – but at the moment art is for fun, rather than for a potential audience and profit. That makes a bit of a difference. Art is fleeting, as I have often said.

I am looking forward to getting back to the art!

Right, I should be finishing this thing. I wish I had something more interesting or useful to say at this point, but I am leaping into the wind with this and it is exciting! I have oh, about four hours to sort all of the above and press that button, as I have a friend coming to stay for the week and I am rather easily distracted, to say the least.

I can’t wait to press that button!