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Okay! So I used a random generator and the winner of the free pet portrait is – Purplewax!

I will start on your picture this weekend! If you have any more pictures you want to send to me, please do to aileenpettigrew@me.com

Tip number 23549.2 for writers. Don’t do what I do and decide to open a random two or three stories that are “in the works.” – just spent half an hour reading over a couple of ideas and now I have itchy feet and want to work on them instead of the ones I am “meant” to be working on. I am going to behave and not jump in to the others, as I still want a deadline of “Gravity” and “Black Cat 2 – Fire Walker to be done by summertime. two books in five months is more than enough. The other ideas will give me incentive to actually finish these ones.

Guess it is a good sign that one of the ideas in particular drew me in and I really enjoyed reading it. Sometimes it is a good idea to put a story away for a couple of months to read with a fresh face. Ideally, I work on the process of outlining a story, putting it away for a couple of months while I work on another, then come back to the first one while letting the second rest and so on. It is surprising what you find (and enjoy) when you have forgotten the minutia of your work.

I have just finished re-reading Emma Donoghue’s ” Room”. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It is delicious, and, as all authors want, I will be going out and buying everything else she has written as if they are even half the book that “Room” is, I will be a happy bunny.