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Fellow writers;

A suggestion, if I may.

Writing is one thing, getting noticed is another. I have a suggestion to help each other out – Lets review each other’s books and leave those all valuable reviews on Amazon for each other.

I am not the fastest reader (the shame) simply because there are not enough hours in the day – but how about I swap books with you? In exchange we promise to leave each other a review on Amazon, and on goodbooks etc. This is to be an *honest* review! No sucking up, doesn’t have to be an essay, just something honest to get each other going.

Any takers? leave a message here, or email me. I have my book in .pdf and .doc format for convenience.

I would much prefer to help out those with no rating on Amazon, but other beginners welcome.

(Because I don’t already have enough books to read on my lists…!)