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I have been recommended for my first award.

Thank you to Pete Denton of http://petedenton.wordpress.com for putting me forward for the award!

So apparently, I have to share 7 things about myself;

1. The first story I ever wrote was a Startrek / dragons of Pern crossover. I know.
2. The TV series Monarch of the Glen is set in my hometown. I am in one of the episodes. I am not telling you which one.
3. I have dyed my hair different shades of red for over 10 years now. I am actually a blonde.
4. I used to groom celebrities dogs as a career.
5. I have lived on three different continents, but am actually rather glad to be back in the UK. Although I do miss Oz.
6. I am originally from Scotland, but hate the cold. My electricity bill is painful.
7. I will stick anything in my mouth. Confirmed foodie, and have eaten some really weird things.

and I have to pass the award on to 15 bloggers. I nominate;
1. http://elenacaravela.wordpress.com/ – for being an awesome artist, great inspiration, and all round nice person.
2. http://sarahgoodreau.wordpress.com/ – quirky artist, can’t get enough of the art!
3. http://gardeningnirvana.wordpress.com/ – lovely gardening blog! Makes me jealous
4. http://teklanikaphotography.wordpress.com/ – photographer. Stunning, stunning photographer.
5. http://robincoyle.wordpress.com/ – fellow writer. I think she has already been nominated before, but hey – great blog.
6. http://giddysap.wordpress.com/ – great blog, and she inspired me to buy my first set of weights.
7. http://bklynorchids.com/ – because I love orchids and this blog is just wonderful.
8. http://flycatchers.wordpress.com/ – carnivorous plants. Another dangerous blog that makes me desire more hours/money/time/bigger house for all these projects…
9. http://eastwitching.com/ – another artist, lovely style
10. http://twopartswhimsicalonepartpeculiar.wordpress.com/ – another great artist!
11. http://craighallam.wordpress.com/ – writer, great blog!
12. http://secretlifeofamanhattancallgirl.wordpress.com/ – very touching, interesting blog.
13. http://asideofwriting.com/ – another great writing blog
14. http://lightswimming.com/ – another great photographer!
15. http://bonesdiary.wordpress.com/ – a dog who tells it like it is.