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So yesterday I discovered I had another review! Another goodie. It really makes my day. Now if only I could work out how to get more people to see my book.

“This book was a first for me in two different ways. Primarily, I never read a ‘Cat’ book before. I’m always reading dog books! And secondly, I never read a book by this author! This story was very creative as it tells about Bee, a lapcat, that has taken on new ‘responsibilities’ as his world in which he knows it, turns into a whirlwind. Without giving away too much, the story of Bee and Rufus takes you on an entertaining adventure. In addition, the book is very well written and the author’s creativity shines.”

I am intrigued. Yesterday, there was a sudden glut of people downloading my samples from two different pages. I tried to find out why the sudden interest, but failed. That’s my task for the weekend – apparently there are tickers out there that can track where interest comes from, so that will be the big task – and getting my book ready for the nook. I am not looking forward to that, seeing as my knowledge of maths probably consists of being able to count to ten, and my knowledge of html is the

The second book is sitting at 61k at present – got a long way to go to hit the July release date, especially with how busy the next couple of months are going to be, especially as I am also working on the art / pet portrait side of things too – but it is fun. Great fun.