I am still here and as the header says, still writing – but not as much, I must disgracefully admit, as I should be. Have been caught up with one hundred other things, have been drawing, working, coffee dates, more work and more art… but I have put down another 5k on Fire Walker. And on that note, I will have to say that there is no chance of Fire Walker being ready for July! Haven’t even finished the second draft, and I like to do at least four…. so watch this space. Would rather not rush to meet a deadline, will certainly be done this year though and that’s all I am commiting to for now.

On a happier note – for Purplewax – here is a portrait of  Keano (Only slightly late – my scanner is being a pig). I will be rescanning again as this is a poor scan, but thought you might like a gander until I can fix my scanner.Image