Wow, it has been a while since I have posted here and I feel rather guilty about that.

The simple reasoning is that I have not been writing as much as I should be (bad me!) and have only put down another 10k on Fire Walker and about 6k on Gravity in the past two months. I have, however, also outlined another story which has no ending yet and have also started thinking about another story in a rather overworked genre, but one that will be for the sheer fun of writing it. That’s the problem – too many ideas, not enough time to actually finish them (or rather, too many ideas, not enough drive to actually complete any of them…)

I am still looking to get Black Cat Chronicles: Fire Walker out by Christmas. It moves ever closer and closer to finishing, but this year is also vanishing terrifyingly fast. I mostly want to get this one done so I can get on with polishing the third book, which currently sits at about 30K, completely outlined and ready to go – the third book is my favourite of the lot so far.

The main reason for my “procrastination” and delay, and lack of motivation to actually write anything; Art. I have gotten back into drawing in a big way, mostly thanks to my frustrations at not being able to visualise Bee and Rufus and the gang on paper the way they appear in my head. So I started drawing again… and kept drawing and kept drawing. I have started up a brand new blog to put my art adventures on – and art is definately getting much more attention than the writing at the moment. I put it down to the fact that after being at work all day, plus the usual stresses of life and so on – it is just so much easier to sit and draw something than to try and work out what my characters would do in this particular situation. When I draw, I can do so in 20 minute bursts here and there, with the TV on, hustle and bustle, checking mail in between and the usual gubbins that goes with life – but when I write I need to be silent, alone, no distractions and it will take a good hour until I get into the flow – so not very conductive at all. It does make me frustrated though, and it has also made me sign up for the National Lottery just in case (you never know).

However, I will soon be placing the first few chapters of Soul Thief up on my site as a taster, and I am thinking of redesigning the cover to something a little more professional (with my growing art skillz). So I am silent, but have not forgotten!

Link to the art/distraction from writing.