Cat art


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Its been another busy week, so have a couple of sketches knocked up tonight while watching horror movies. I am off to cower under the blankets now.

cats being cats


Indie Writers Unite


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Fellow writers;

A suggestion, if I may.

Writing is one thing, getting noticed is another. I have a suggestion to help each other out – Lets review each other’s books and leave those all valuable reviews on Amazon for each other.

I am not the fastest reader (the shame) simply because there are not enough hours in the day – but how about I swap books with you? In exchange we promise to leave each other a review on Amazon, and on goodbooks etc. This is to be an *honest* review! No sucking up, doesn’t have to be an essay, just something honest to get each other going.

Any takers? leave a message here, or email me. I have my book in .pdf and .doc format for convenience.

I would much prefer to help out those with no rating on Amazon, but other beginners welcome.

(Because I don’t already have enough books to read on my lists…!)

Pet portrait winner


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Okay! So I used a random generator and the winner of the free pet portrait is – Purplewax!

I will start on your picture this weekend! If you have any more pictures you want to send to me, please do to

Tip number 23549.2 for writers. Don’t do what I do and decide to open a random two or three stories that are “in the works.” – just spent half an hour reading over a couple of ideas and now I have itchy feet and want to work on them instead of the ones I am “meant” to be working on. I am going to behave and not jump in to the others, as I still want a deadline of “Gravity” and “Black Cat 2 – Fire Walker to be done by summertime. two books in five months is more than enough. The other ideas will give me incentive to actually finish these ones.

Guess it is a good sign that one of the ideas in particular drew me in and I really enjoyed reading it. Sometimes it is a good idea to put a story away for a couple of months to read with a fresh face. Ideally, I work on the process of outlining a story, putting it away for a couple of months while I work on another, then come back to the first one while letting the second rest and so on. It is surprising what you find (and enjoy) when you have forgotten the minutia of your work.

I have just finished re-reading Emma Donoghue’s ” Room”. I can’t recommend this book highly enough. It is delicious, and, as all authors want, I will be going out and buying everything else she has written as if they are even half the book that “Room” is, I will be a happy bunny.

Free Pet Portrait


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The cats in my book are a mixture of mostly pets and the Collarless – the strays. However, the Collarless have a few among their ranks who remember what it was like to have an owner, someone to love them, and they cherish these memories.

Show your pet you cherish them – I love to draw and need more practice. I would like to offer someone a pet portrait, any type of pet – come on, surprise me!

Leave a comment on this page with a link to your photo, or a description if you do not have a photo on-line (but I will need a semi-decent photo at one point, if you are picked). I will choose someone at random on Wednesday night (15 March 7:00pm GMT) and will draw a picture of your pet over the next couple of weeks for you.

Procrastination is never your friend.


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Sooo… according to my ticker, the big day is here!

I am almost ready. Almost. I have my front cover (awaiting approval from a particular artist).

I have my book all laid out and ready for kindling (I think) – I am just doing a final read through to make sure there are no last minute grammar / spelling mistakes.

I have bought a domain name, but do not have a website as of yet (Dreamweaver used to be easy to use – what happened there?) and this might not happen for a little while. I shall use my wordpress/blogger for now.

All I have to do today is write a blurb for my amazon page, and tidy up a small section of book two, to be inserted at the end of book one.

Then upload. If it works. Which, knowing my luck, it won’t.

It is all rather exciting.

Having hobbies is great. Having one that is as time-consuming and emotionally draining as writing is hard. Beginning to end, it has been very exhausting, but fun – and this is the first part! The really hard work comes now. I must admit, art is easier. The conclusion is quicker, moving on to the next one is easy – but at the moment art is for fun, rather than for a potential audience and profit. That makes a bit of a difference. Art is fleeting, as I have often said.

I am looking forward to getting back to the art!

Right, I should be finishing this thing. I wish I had something more interesting or useful to say at this point, but I am leaping into the wind with this and it is exciting! I have oh, about four hours to sort all of the above and press that button, as I have a friend coming to stay for the week and I am rather easily distracted, to say the least.

I can’t wait to press that button!



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According to my counter, I am looking to release my first book in 11 days.

I am so not ready! At least, it doesn’t feel like I should be ready.

The book itself is done. I am still waiting to hear back from a couple of reviewers.

I have designed the front cover (I think).

I need to actually look at how to get the book on kindle.

I need to set up a webpage (easy enough).

But that’s about it, I think. Other than that, I am done!

That’s rather terrifying.

Sitting on 35k of the new book. Enjoying the flow of this one. However, am expecting an exceptionally busy couple of weeks thanks to my full-time job and I don’t know how that will progress;I come home pretty much ready for bed, look at the screen, and then hide on Facebook. Not particularly productive, but I think that it is good to have a break, there is no point burning out in writing or in the job. Still, knowing that I only have 11 days has certainly put the wind in my sails.

Working working,always working.

As of tonight, sitting on 32k of my second story. Not too shabby, considering I am a serial procrastinator, and have been happily browsing the internet for most of the day. Think I did about 8k today. I also indulged my interest in reptiles, and in nailpolish (I know, I confuse myself sometimes too) and have solomly sworn to spend probably about half my next paycheck on nailpolish.

It’s rather exciting how sometimes the words just flow. And equally frustrating when nothing happens, no matter how hard you try.

Finally, have a bat being cute. Not relevant, but terribly cute. Give it time, it gets better.