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Whoops, a week without a post – just goes to show how utterly busy I seem to be these days, and I haven’t put paw to paper all week – writingwise at least.

I have been taken up with drawing, every spare second it seems, but always in the back of the mind is the reminder that I have goals to achieve – mostly, the release of book 2 in July – hopefully. That’s not that far away.

By far, the hardest part in all of this is finding an audience. I didn’t sell anything last week, which was saddening, but then I also didn’t have much of an online presence this past week and at the moment my book is like a baby, needing constant tending. Hopefully, as time passes it will be able to look after itself a bit better.

And on that note, I have also taken Monday as a holiday to get in some serious writing. I want to get Fire Walker looking a bit healthier, and my lovely other half has proclaimed that he wants to know more about the “scary” novel I started last year, suggesting I work on that one rather than another fantasy novel (Gravity). I re-read what I had written of the scary stuff a couple of days ago and it does have potential – so I may as well throw it into the mix for a hopeful release this year – sigh. I really need less to do!

I have updated my header above – I don’t like the resolution but I don’t think I have a choice. Bee still isn’t quite right (black siamese) but Rufus is pretty close!