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I am utterly thrilled, and I am going to ignore that it was posted on April 1st.

I have received my first review of Soul Thief, and it is lovely;

” I read this book, not really knowing what to expect, and it kept me guessing until the end. This is the story of Bee, a simple black house cat and how he takes on an evil that has not been roused for thousands of years. The coolest part of this, is the growth of Bee as a character, as he learns to stand on his own four paws and become the leader and hero he needs to be meet this evil head on. His indecision and his faltering confidence all make this cat more… human? and his growth that much more believable. Kudos to Aileen in weaving such a great story, I guess I’ll have the check out the sequel now!”

Guess I had better write the sequel then…